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VIPER: Visual Person detection made Reliable

VIPER Symposium

The closing symposium of the VIPER-project was held on 09/11/2017 at Campus De Nayer in Sint-Katelijne-Waver.

Program with dowload links to slides:

12:30   registration
13:00 Toon Goedemé Welcome and Introduction
13:10 Maarten Vandersteegen IR/RGB Camera selection and calibration
13:45 Kristof Van Beeck Person detection in RGB/IR images
14:20 Wiebe Van Ranst Embedded Real-Time Object Detection for a UAV Warning System
14:35 break  
15:00 Timothy Callemein Using pose estimation for various applications incl. patient monitoring
15:15 Kristof Van Engeland Abnormal behaviour detection and person ReID
15:50 Joost Vennekens Closing and overview of future research projects
16:00 end  


Welcome to the project-page of the IWT-TETRA project VIPER.

Project VIPER is a collaberation where the project partners will transfer a set of innovative state-of-the-art technologies to safety & security-related companies.

The challenges in camerabased security-applications are noticing incidents or abnormal behaviour which can compromise the safety of people, and alerting at this point. The goal is to evade the negative consequences of these situations.

To succeed we will need 2 components:

  1. a reliable way to detect persons in camera-images
  2. a system that can determine wether or not to alert in certain situations