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Processing Polymers & Lightweight Structures


The research group Propolis ("Polymer Processing & Lightweight Structures") of the KU Leuven Technology Campus Ostend (Faculty of Engineering Technology) has been active for many years in many areas of the "manufacturing" industry .

During the last years, a lot of research is performed on polymer and/or composite lightweight structures.  Within this research, both the processing of the products as the performance of the (combined) products or assemblies has been investigated.

Lightweight structures can be seen as innovative products meeting the requirements on loads and boundary conditions.

It ranges from machine parts, energy systems, parts for the medical sector over the transportation and construction industries towards the (unmanned) aircraft industry ...

Propolis is performing research on short-fiber-reinforced plastics, biopolymers and biocomposites, adhesives and adhesive bonding, static and vibro-acoustic behaviour of lightweight structures, design and control of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS / RPAS / drones), ...

To realize this, the following laboratories are available.  They include every aspect of the product life cycle.

  • lab material characterization,
  • lab numerical simulations,
  • lab polymer processing
  • lab application testing.