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Technology Cluster Sustainable Chemical Process Technology




Research profile | Research Groups | Research Topics

Research profile

The cluster positions itself as the preferential partner of the chemical process industry and environmental technology sector by

  • providing solutions for industry demand driven topics which require a sufficiently high research component (market pull);
  • focusing on the development and translation towards industry of specific technologies;
  • aiming to disseminate novel own developed technologies (technology push).


  • the broad framework of eco-efficiency or closing water
  • waste and raw material cycles
  • process intensification
  • green chemistry


Research Groups

The research groups of the Technology cluster Computer Science are active on the Technology Campuses in:

  • LAB4U (Technology Campus Diepenbeek)
  • Polymer Research Group (Technology Campus Diepenbeek)
  • Chemical Process Technology (Technology Campus Ghent)
  • Laboratory for Process and Environmental Technology (Technology Campus De Nayer Sint-Katelijne-Waver)





Research topics

Process Intensification

  • Key domain for all the research groups
  • Focus on development, integration, simulation and miniaturisation of several unit operations and on the use of alternative energy forms


Waste and biomass valorisation

Resource recovery

  • Conversion of organics to fuels and renewable chemicals
  • Recovery of inorganic materials and soil remediation processes


Process Systems Engineering

  • Design, control and optimisation of industrial chemical and biochemical processes
  • Model-based approach

Water and wastewater treatment

  • Physicochemical wastewater treatment
    • Focus: Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs)
  • Biological wastewater treatment
    • Focus: intensification of biological wastewater treatments (both aerobic and anaerobic)


Polymer Processing

  • water/gas assisted injection moulding
  • Variothermal injection moulding
  • Electroplating of plastics for decorative and functional purpose