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Technology Cluster Computer Science Technology



Research Groups | Research topics


Research Groups

The research groups of the Technology cluster Computer Science are active on the Technology Campuses in:

  • ES&S (Technology Campus Diepenbeek)
  • Advise (Technology Campus Geel)
  • CODeS, MSEC (Technology Campus Ghent)
  • e-Media (Campus Group T Leuven)
  • ReMI (Technology Campus Ostend)
  • Eavise (Technology Campus De Nayer Sint-Katelijne-Waver)




Research Topics

e-Media - Physical Computing for Serious Fun

“Serious Fun” refers to the type of applications we develop, with a “serious” goal (i.e. improving the player’s abilities in some area), but also motivating and “fun” to work with. “Physical computing” refers to novel ways of interacting with the computer through motion sensors, 3D camera’s, biosignals, e-textiles, …



ES&S combines platforms (web, cloud, android and small devices as sensors and SBC’s ) through loosely coupled and flexible software services.

Another focus is the use of functional programming in the development of an Electronic Automation Tool (EDA) for (crypto) hardware, and in software development in general.


CODeS  - Operational Research

CODeS focuses on modelling and algorithm development for industrial and societal optimisation probems.

CODeS' research is often driven by demand.  Challenging optimisation problems originating from industry, health care, logistics are addressed.  Key research areas include scheduling, timetabling, routing, cutting and packing.


Advise - Artificial Intelligence

Advise focuses on automated learning and on big data challenges, where large amounts of complex data need to be analyzed in an efficient manner.  The technology is applicable in many domains, for example in home care monitoring.


MSEC is active in the domain of mobile technologies and secure software. Research focuses on design, development and analysis of security demanding applications:

  • Design & Development of Applications with Advanced Security and Privacy requirements
  • Security and Privacy Analysis of Advanced Electronic Services & Systems


ReMI - Embedded programming

The EP task force of the ReMI research group mainly organizes its research in two domains of embedded programming mechatronic systems. It focuses on fundamental research in the domain of testing concurrent execution of software, reliability, fault detection and recovery.
On the other hand the focus of its applied research is on software process evolution in embedded systems and the like. Main topics of interest are currently Test-Driven Development and software parallelism.


Eavise  - Artificial Intelligence

Eavise is a multidisciplinary research group focusing on applications of advanced computer vision and artificial intelligence. Eavise offers specific Artificial Intelligence expertise in knowledge representation and probabilistic logic learning.