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Technology Cluster Mechanical Engineering Technology



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Research profile

The Mechanical Engineering Technology Cluster groups research and service-to-society in the field of Mechanical Engineering at the different engineering Technology Campuses of KU Leuven. Its activities are typically application-driven or application-oriented, and can rely on:

  • a strong network with the industrial and services sector, which secures the position of the cluster as a liaison between industry and research. The cluster develops structural relationships with both “technology leader” and “technology adopter” companies.
  • presence at 6 intensively cooperating campuses spread across Flanders
  • close collaboration with other disciplines as well as  with more fundamentally oriented research partners, leading to a continuous interaction between fundamental and applied research activities.


Research groups

The research groups of the Technology Cluster Mechanical Engineering Technology are active on the Technology Campuses in:




Research topics

Socio-economic relevance is a key criterion for defining the research fields of the cluster. The technology cluster currently displays research activities in many typical mechanical engineering domains:

  • manufacturing: advanced manufacturing technologies and process innovation, computer support in manufacturing, sustainable manufacturing, quality control, polymer processing, welding
  • mechanical design: design for reliability, life cycle engineering, lightweight structures, mechatronics
  • robotics and automation: drive systems, integrated automation, vision & robotics, sustainable transport and logistics
  • energy: component, small-scale system and macro-level system design and control, solar-based technologies, management and integration of systems in buildings
  • biomedical technology & biomechanics: rehabilitation and orthopaedic technology, sports, medical devices and medical instrumentation
  • management: lean manufacturing, maintenance and logistics