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At Campus Group T you gain engineering expertise at a renowned campus of KU Leuven, but you also learn and experience how to be creative in your thinking and in your endeavours. You develop distinct enterprising skills and insight into the systems that influence nature, culture and society. ‘Beyond Engineering’: it is the art of no longer seeing things as separate, but rather as a part of a whole system where everything is connected. Just as in the real world.

An international campus in the heart of Belgium

KU Leuven Campus Group T is the only campus in Belgium that offers full English-language academic bachelor’s and master’s programmes in engineering technology. Campus Group T is home to a truly international community of outstanding engineering students from Belgium, China, India, Ethiopia, Southeast Asia and beyond. An engineering degree from KU Leuven opens doors to the whole of Europe, where you can continue your studies or begin a challenging career.

Academic programmes